Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rounding Out the Last of the Show Photos and After

These are the last of my show photos that are decent enough to share. It’s Tuesday here and I now have a sufficient amount of rest to be able to look back at the show and truly say I wish I could go back and look around just once more – leisurely. Oh well- there you have it. Now for the photos . . .


Tina Jensen of Tiny Bear – look how sparse her stand was at the end of the day!  Well done!  I did not get her permission to post this photo so I hope she won’t mind.


Lots and lots of mohair and lots and lots of shoppers perusing it.


The Essential Bears table – each one a darling little creation – such grand details.  Wendy and Megan Chamberlain


EJ Bears – they have a nostalgic feel to them.
No website but it you want the info just send me an email.


Susan Smith – Kessey Bears  She’ll be at TBAI this year too so if you missed her at Hugglets you can see her lovely bears in Binghamton in August.


Here’s a snapshot of The Old Post Office Bears – adorable right?
Then check out these two close-ups of two of her bears.


Okay, now check out how they become even more delightful when you can see the scale of them with my hand next to the black one.


The show was over before I knew it and then we had to see if we could find something to do in London on a Sunday evening that would compare to seeing all those lovely bears.  This is what we came up with – a walk beside the Thames River in the evening.  And very nice it was too – even if there was only one little bear to be seen.  He was very good company.

rotlotspaa_10A view of St. Paul’s from the Millennium Bridge.

London Tower Bridge

rotlotspaa_12Sebastian at the back of the Tower of London.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy these photos.


  1. Glad you had such a fab time, but psst, that's Tower Bridge, not London Bridge...

  2. Wonderful, just wonderful!!! Someday I'll get there. Thanks for your pics.


  3. Hi Ginger, you gave me so much pleasure with your photos. I loved every one. There were quite a few bears that I would have wanted to come home with if I were there.
    Tell Sebastian, I'm glad he got home and didn't end up in the Tower.

  4. vice nice night photos, I like EJ Bears design as well, her little outfit are delicate and fine. i highly recommend, with a very economical prices.

  5. Thank you for sharing your photos!
    Sebastian seems to be so pleased when sitting and having the Tower of London behind him!

  6. Thanks for posting the photos, I love seeing them. Hope you are having a wonderful time.

  7. Love the photos, especially the ones of the bridges and Tower at night. I love how they are lighted up!

  8. Oh - not the most flattering photo - ugghh :o) - ofcourse you can post it and thank you for that. I´m glad how the table looks though.. lol
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Tina

  9. Loved seeing all your photos. It's a dream to go to Hugglets someday. Guess I'll have to ask you questions about it...someday when I'm able to make more than about seven bears a year. (The Old Post Office bears are darling!)

  10. thanks for sharing your photos. i haven't followed the teddy bear collectibles for several years now. it always amazes me how artist can keep creating a different and unique bear after all these years.


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