Monday, February 27, 2012

More Hugglets Photos + The Great Grilled Cheese Sandwich Adventure

Here are a few snapshots from various locations throughout the show. If I have information to go along with them, I’ll add a caption.


This is a partial view of the room where my table was.
It could have been a show all by itself.


So sweet!


After seeing bears on the Internet for so long, I found myself surprised over and over again at how incredibly small many of my favorites were in person.


Karen Alderson Bears


Now in my opinion these bears are wonderful.  Really wonderful.
Expertly made.  Loads of detail – beautiful.  But in person, wow!  They are incredible 
– and check out their tiny sizes below.  Louise Peers


This is Sebastian happily posing for size comparison.  He is a mere 6 inches tall and don’t tell him, but he looks like a giant here!


This a view of the big room.  Oh my.  There was so much to look at.  If I were a visitor and not an exhibitor, I would have come early and stayed until they closed the doors.

Now for The Great Grilled Cheese Sandwich Adventure

The day before the show, we went in search of a famous grilled cheese sandwich. Yeah, crazy I know. The way we look at it is getting there is half the fun. We always see things we would otherwise miss if we weren’t going down some crazy path.


So the grilled cheese part was the end of the journey but the adventure was in wandering around new-to-us parts of London in search of Borough Market where this particular grilled cheese sandwich is made only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. So, as you can see, we had a limited window.


We found the market after a bit – you know turning left when you should turn right. Then going back and retracing your steps. After finding the market we then had to find this particular vendor among the seemingly endless numbers of stalls with all kinds of delicious looking food.


Eventually we found the place. If we hadn’t seen the sign “Kappacasein” we surely would have seen the line.


It was almost comical seeing people standing in line salivating at the prospect of finally getting this cheese sandwich in their hands. We found ourselves among them.


Was it worth it? Most definitely!


  1. Love all the beary pics, but huh, who knew a cheese toastie could spark such an adventure :oD Does look kind of yummy though...

  2. I would join you for a grilled cheese
    Sandwich. I'm glad you met Karen, she is a real darling and her bears are the same. Pipkin bears look amazing as well. Louise Peers bears have always fascinated me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good morning Ginger , thanx so much for sharing - I wasn´t able to get around as I was there alone, so I´m so happy too see all yours !!! and a lot of lovely picture´s.
    have a great day - warm regards Ines

  4. Hi Ginger,
    I found your lovely blog from a link from Ines by baerenkinder, she issue also on Hugglets her wonderful bears, maybe you know her ?
    Please excuse my bad english :(
    It get so excited for me to see these photos from the Hugglets Winter Bearfest, many thanks !
    I'm a miniature bears artist, too and I hope that I can visit these wonderful Bearfest at any time.
    Maybe you would like to visit my blog, I would be happy.
    I wish you a nice week and send you beary hugs from germany

  5. I guess Sebastian must have been very buzy talking with all the other Teddies and having them to write their e-mail addresses to go on discussions later with new friends?

    The Great Grilled Cheese Sandwich looks delicious! nam, nam!

  6. Hi Ginger,
    It was great to meet you in person. Sounds like you had a good time in London, that grilled cheese sandwich looks wonderful. Hope to see you next time or perhaps we just might make a show in the States.

  7. Great pictures, Ginger! Thanks so much for sharing! The grilled cheese sandwich looks wonderful, too! Hugs, Janice

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. Looks like you had a great time.
    Bear Hugs

  9. Love the pictures, once again! It looks like there is a lot to see at a teddy bear show. And so glad you found your grilled cheese! :)


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