Sunday, April 22, 2012

Two Worlds and a World of Twos

Regarding the two worlds, the first is a glimpse into an old world. This is a cast of a Tyrannosaurus rex. I took this photo at the opening of the new world below.

This world is part of the brand spanking new wing to our science museum. Over a decade in the works and many, many millions of dollars.  Here’s a view of one of many areas for exploration and learning in the museum.

And then a view from the ‘top of the world’.

Now for the world of twos. I’m still diligently persevering on the box project. Little by very little. Things seem to be falling into a world of twos.  Two unlikely objects here but they’ll work together nicely in the finished piece. (Fingers crossed!)

And then there are two wine corks. Weird, I know! But that’s how it goes.

Two box insides covered with some lovely paper saved for just such an occasion. (Who knew?!)

Two hinges although you can only see one being attached here.

And two hearts which may not even make into the final piece.

The big decisions are made. Now come the umpteen million little ones. This color or that. Fabric or paper. High or low. Cord or string. First or last. Now or later.

Oh, it’s later now. Time to give it a rest. Hopefully, I’ll finish it completely this coming week. And maybe two other things too!



  1. But will the animals come in two by two hurrah?!

    The science centre looks cool, and I do hope you didn't have to sacrifice yourself by drinking too many bottles of wine to find the perfect corks ;o)

    1. Hi Katy,

      Such an insightful question? I wonder why I didn't think of it. That would be a feat of engineering in this space.

      Ah, no worries on the wine. I picked up some corks somewhere - probably for free. You know some people would rather have the contents - forget about the corks!


  2. Good things come in two's.I'm waiting.

  3. I love going to the science museum when we visit Raleigh! It is a very inviting place. We came up for the Genghis Khan exhibit in early January, fascinating subject! I've told my hubs we must go back soon for the new wing. Did you visit the upper showroom in the gift shop, lots of beautiful artwork up there. I love boxes that have been altered, can't wait to see the ones in progress.

    1. Hi Ani,

      The museum just keeps getting better and better. I think you will enjoy the new wing - it's pretty amazing. I love the outside too. Very distinctive. It gives Raleigh a little bit of oomph!

      Thanks for reading!



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