Monday, September 16, 2013

Topher and the Paparazzi

Over the weekend we discovered that one of our favorite festivals was going on downtown. It’s the one that has street painting each year.


We thought Topher would enjoy a little variety in his socialization opportunities.


The street painting showcased the talents of many artists in a wide variety of subjects.


The one pictured below has to be one of my very favorites. The shading and execution were excellent in my opinion. If you had no reference, you wouldn’t know this was chalk on pavement.


We would walk a little ways, look at the artwork and answer questions about Topher.


He was pretty good about complete strangers coming up to him and giving him a little love.


One time we were admiring the art in progress when a lady came up to us and ask us if we could bring Topher over to where she and her friends were having lunch at an outdoor café.  We are glad people seem to like him so we were happy to oblige.


Here is a photo of one art panel that I manipulated with some special effects on my camera.


I was caught by surprise another time when I was holding him up for someone to say hello and realized that he had photographers on either side taking his picture.  We didn’t mind but it was kind of like going down a rabbit hole.


It was fun meeting people through Topher.  He’s a very good sport about going with the flow until it’s all over and he says, “No more photos please.  I am bushed.”



  1. Well we guess you'll have to get used to the paparazzi now you have a star on your hands...


    Jack & The Clan

  2. What a big day for little Topher. And all the picture taking. Wonder how Sebastian feels about all that puppy attention......

    Prudence ♥

  3. I'm so glad you are introducing him to the art world. "Great Paintings."
    Big pats from me.

  4. Loving the chalk art ...but Topher has stolen my heart !!

  5. Looked like a fun day out, the sort Sebastian would have loved - but he's not there. 'Snot fair.
    Hugs and tummy tickles,


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