Thursday, September 19, 2013

Before or Behind?

Gee, am I behind? I thought I was ahead – for a change. Most of the time, it seems like I get my Halloween inspiration about 3 days before the trick-or-treaters begin ringing my doorbell. You see I have just finished my second Halloween piece which is unusual for me. Here she is standing at close to 5 inches tall. I am hoping to include her and A Scary Delight, the box from this post, in a website update or something similar. I’m still trying to decide.


Anyway, I was in a shop just this evening and saw Christmas goods edging out the Halloween stuff. Not that I mind the opportunity to get a few supplies ahead of time to work with but it’s a little disconcerting when you are in the midst of Halloween projects and Autumn has not yet officially begun.


Thus, the question about being behind. I still have several more Halloween ideas and hope that at least one of them will come to fruition before I change gears. It might not be wise to undertake something at this ‘late’ date but I am crossing my fingers that I can hang onto my intentions and carry on to see it finished. Here’s the start.

bob_3     bob_4



  1. The cutest bear , the cutest halloween bear ~
    aren't bears just so great !!

  2. As halloween isn't really a big thing here, they've already got the Christmas stuff out. A friend of mine spotted mince pies in one Supermarket 3 weeks ago - ARGH!

  3. Your little Halloween bear looks so charming!


  4. Hi Miss Ginger, Sebastian & Topher;

    Happy Friday. I know there is more to that Halloween bear, and don't fret, Miss Ginger, in your studio YOU are boss and you can make Halloween stuff anytime you want, and for as long as you want.

    I expect that any day now we will see Christmas in the stores. We love fall and Thanksgiving and that's what we celebrate right now.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  5. Please Miss, I know why that bear is green. She's envious of the bear with the glowing labels and the box to live in. She's fabulous anyway, so there's no need to be jealous of any bear.

  6. Oh dear poor bear she must be scared out of her wits standing on that bony hand. She is marvelous. I love her little stripy legs. Things are still happening in that studio.


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