Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Arrived Berlin

We jumped at the chance to travel to Berlin with our friends for a few days, our first trip to Germany. I’ve taken quite a few photos and there is rhyme and reason to them, but it is late here and I have seen so much that is different from home that I don’t think I will be able to organize them in a logical way at the moment. Instead I am going to share a few things that caught my eye. If you lived here, these probably wouldn’t make you raise an eyebrow. Just like some of the things I take for granted where I live might be unusual and interesting to a visitor from somewhere else. Thus, I present a few random snaps before I close my eyes for the evening.

This café had blankets on the chairs available to help keep you warm.

Making “Baumkuchen spitzen” or tree cakes. This is new to me and I aim to try it before I leave.  That is assuming that I have room!

Checkpoint Charlie – a reconstruction.  The Christmas tree was lit the day before in a ceremony here.

Father Christmas or Saint Nicholas? I’m not sure but he was striking nonetheless.

KaDeWe – the largest department store in  Europe.


This is Gedächtniskirche or the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church before and after a bombing raid in World War II.  The ruins have been made into a memorial hall and the newer, more contemporary building is the blue stained glass building you see in the lower left of the photo.

Is this cool or what?  Took this while walking away from the church above.



  1. Hi!
    OMG...we were in Berlin from the 29th November to the 2nd December! :)
    It was fun! Visited those attractions you show on the photos (and some others too)! :)
    We almost met with you..

  2. Hi,
    I'm glad you like Berlin!
    I was born there and lived just a few minutes away from the KaDeWe.
    I have to visit Berlin once a year ;O)

  3. It looks like you're having a great time. I hope Sebastian has met some of the Berlin bears! All the best,

  4. Whew, I haven't been to Berlin in years, thanks for the mini tour :o)



  5. Can you believe that I have lived in Germany all my life and never made it to Berlin? Yes, you probably can! ;)

    Did you try Baumkuchen or Baumkuchenspitzen? They are delicious!

    By the way, that's was probably Father Frost from Russia -- definitely not St. Nicholas (or St. Nikolaus as we say in Germany).

    Greetings from Munich (your next German destination?!),


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