Friday, December 12, 2014

Fun with Paddington - Part 1

Hi ho. It’s me again! Sebastian here to share my adventures searching for Paddington. When I found out Paddington bears were all over London on something called The Paddington Trail, I could hardly contain myself. Being a small bear that is big on adventure, this was right up my alley, my bailiwick, my thing. I mean this adventure had ‘Sebastian’ written all over it.

Jetlag, schmetlag. Let’s get going. I could probably move faster on my own but you know how it is sometimes. You have to let them come along every once in a while. The first bear we found was easy peasy – right outside Harrod’s. Oh my. The people there were wall-to-wall and we all had to take turns with Paddington. I was a little shy at first.


The next day we headed out to Paddington Station where the trains come in and where Paddington first set foot in London. It was awesome. We found Paddington there right between the platforms where the trains arrive and depart. I was beginning to get a little braver.

Then I made a deal with the staff. If we could find just a few more Paddington’s, I would treat them to lunch. I had one carrying the camera so we could document my finds and the other was the map reader. He was most useful in that vein. I’ll make a note to take him along again sometime.


When we found the next Paddington, it was almost as if someone had told everyone my plan because there were a lot of people waiting to take photos. And because of this, I decided to pass on having my photo made with one or two. I like it better when it’s just me and Paddington, although I did get a few people telling me I was quite nice.

It’s  hard to tell in this photo, but this one was flocked!  He was very soft.  Everyone wanted to feel his ‘fur’!


We ended up walking along the canal in a place called Little Venice,

in the Borough of Paddington.

It was interesting – the water, the boats, but mostly the Paddington’s. He was ALL over London! I began to get a little braver posing with him. Mostly this was due to the fact that he was a bear – just like me and we understood each other.

If you look carefully at the photo above, you can see that we met and made some friends on our journey.  The Paddington below is called Texting Paddington. 

In this close-up picture, you can see the detail that makes sense of the name.

Here I am sitting atop Paddington’s hat on one called

Love, Paddington x

We weren’t even searching for this one.  We were looking for a place for lunch!  A bear does get hungry as you know.  It was like he was looking for us.  “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya.”

Now I have to say goodnight and bring Part 1 of Fun with Paddington to a close with one last Paddington in the dark.  The Journey of Marmalade.  Yummy!  I think I might have to request some toast tomorrow for breakfast.  Toast and marmalade.

love & hugs,



  1. OMG....How wonderful for you both to meet together! But I didn't have an idea about how many Paddington bears there are in London! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. OK you investigators... I thought there was one Paddington, now I find they are breeding very quickly.. I always like you in the photo as well Sebastian. Have you seen the movie yet?

  3. Yikes Sebastian, all those Puddingheads (ahem, sorry, Paddingtons) and all on one day! What a gas. You look as if you've had a rer ter as they would say up in Glasgow (I should explain on Jock's behalf - a "rer ter," pronounced rare tear with the rs well rolled, is a rollicking good time!)

    We all look forward to the next instalment.

    Jock, Zeke (and Alan, the interpreter)

  4. Ooh, it looks like you've had a fabulous bear hunt around London. Although bear #4 is outside the offices of somewhere that gave herself a nervous breakdown last month so she might pass on visiting that one if she gets a chance to go hunting...


    Jack, Boo & The Clan


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