Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mouthwatering Berlin

A couple of days ago was our last day in Berlin and visiting a chocolate shop was on the agenda. This was a view from the outside of Fassbender & Rausch Chocolatiers.

Inside was a chocolate paradise. If you have seen some of the photos I have posted of notable Berlin sites, here they are again in chocolate!

Gedächtniskirche - in chocolate.

Brandenburg Gate

and the sculpture atop the Brandenburg Gate

Here’s a photo I took at night of the Reichstag, the German parliament building

and here it is in chocolate!

A German candle pyramid with fairy tales scenes on each tier.

A view inside of the store

and of a few of many shelves of chocolate delights!

Now I just have to make sure not to eat all the chocolate we bought and hope it makes it all the way back home without any nibbles!



  1. Yum... I can smell it from here. What wonderful chocolate sculptures.
    Is the chocolate as good as the Belgium and Swiss chocolate?
    Hugs Kay

  2. What a wonderful trip and so glad that I see Sebastian was with you. Say hi to the little guy for me. I am playing blog catch up. Just had to say I have enjoyed all your trip photos.

  3. Oooh, chocolate heaven *sigh*

    Jack, Boo & The Clan


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