Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Next WIP Photos of TBAI Gallery Piece

This project, like many I embark upon, had times when I was waiting for something to set or dry or cure. And when that is happening, I sometimes find myself at loose ends. “Now what do I do?” I prefer to be making progress so I find another element to work on in the meantime.

That’s when I decided to make these. “What are they?!” you may ask. I did wonder if I had gone a little off the deep end.

Yeah, I know. They look like white blobs. And in a way, they are at this stage. Got any ideas?

How about now? No? They looked like this for about a week or two. They are made from paper clay and the larger ones took forever to cure. So, in a way, I traded waiting in one area for waiting in another.

After they cured, I applied paint to them. I think there were about 4 or 5 different coats to get them looking like I wanted. Here is how they appeared when I was finished painting. Does this help identify these objects in any way?

So you say they look like a bunch of rocks? If you did, you would be right! I spent quite a bit of time making rocks. Who in their right mind does THAT? Where’s the logic? Why not use real rocks? Two reasons. First, I take into consideration the final piece and I did not want it to weigh a ton. Real rocks like I wanted would have added quite a bit of weight. Secondly, there was no guarantee that if I went in search of rocks that I would find the exact sizes I needed. So, I made them. Crazy, huh?

Finally, I added some green bits to simulate moss.

Mossy rocks.

Lots of mossy rocks.

That’s how I have spent part of my summer. I made white paper clay blobs into mossy rocks. Yeah, it doesn’t get any better than this. ;-D


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  1. At first I thought lemons because one looked sort of lemon shaped but then there were different sizes so I said rocks and they turned out so well...
    Mama Bear


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