Thursday, July 28, 2016

TBAI Gallery Piece – WIP Forest Floor & Path

After the grapevine arches part of this project, I moved on to work on the forest floor and path that I had envisioned. I was familiar with this particular task to a degree having used moss in several previous pieces and I always manage to finds moss bits attached to everything in the house afterwards!

There were a few decisions I needed to make, of course. First I had to determine the size and route of the path I wanted to include. Straight seemed a bit boring but I did have some inspiration to guide me as you will see at the end.

Here is right side of the piece with moss in place:

Another view point.

This photo shows the vines on the right side secured in place as well as the wood slab that will be a table.

Here’s an aerial shot of the pathway.  I thought it looked a little too regular at this point but I knew once it was filled in, it would look less so.

This is where I began to add in more moss and some tiny rocks.

I painted the slate pieces to look somewhat damp as they would in a forest.

Peeking in from above through the branches.


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