Wednesday, April 13, 2011

That Missing Orb

I hesitated about sharing these photos we took when we went to Fells Point in Baltimore. Why? Let’s take an inventory. London photos – no sun. Asheville photos – no sun. Fells Point photos – well you get the idea. The big orb in the sky was acting shy and stayed hidden as if waiting for just the right moment to make an appearance.

While we were with our dear friends - whom we hadn’t seen in ages, who made it that much more fun, who knew where they were going - we took a few photos there. Even though there was no sun, we did have a great time and these photos remind me of that.


Cobblestone streets made for a bumpy ride.


A view from the waterfront.


A tribute to Maryland’s blue crab.  Wait.  Let’s take a closer look.


I should have known Sebastian would show up somewhere.


Did you ever watch the TV show Homicide – Life on the Street?  I never did but if you lived here, you would know that this is where it was filmed.  “The Baltimore City Police” for the show.


This is one artist gallery we could have lingered in for a long time if it hadn’t been near closing.  Check out the faces below.


This artist must really have some fun with his subjects.  Can’t you tell?  And these faces . . .


It was difficult to settle on these out of all the choices, but these really made us smile.


The cherry blossom trees were in full bloom – the promise of Spring. I think it won’t be long before we’ll see that missing orb too!


  1. Hi Sebastian,

    Great pictures. You are so brave sitting on that Blue Crab -

    We loved the pictures of the doggies - we love animals.

    Happy Wednesday.


    Hi, Miss Ginger.

  2. There are orbs missing up here in Michigan too... smaller though... and it's my fault... I lost them... but I suspect that wasn't very hard to guess...

  3. Thanks for the great pictures Ginger. I am bringing the sun with me to Philadelphia. It's always missing there too.

  4. Sebastian look great in that crab :D.

  5. Jack, being rather smug, says he stole it, but he might be persuaded to send it back if you ask nicely. Well really, what manners!


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