Thursday, October 1, 2009

In Love – Again

I had not planned to fall in love . . . yet again. But it happens when you least expect it. What can I say? He has dark, dark eyes, a scruffy face, and a quiet disposition.

No, it’s not George Clooney.

No, it’s not Johnny Depp.

And though I do love, love, love my dear geeky husband, it’s not him either.

It’s this guy.

I started with an idea for this fabric which is extremely bright orange.

I pondered and pondered how best to use it for a Halloween teddy.  I made up my mind to make this outfit and change the color to be a little less intense.

The teddy came after and it was love at first sight.

He’s told me in no uncertain terms that we were not meant to be even though my heart goes pitty-pat when I see his sweet, scruffy face. He is determined he must be free to follow his own destiny. So, because he insists, I am going to add him to my available bears page later tonight.

And if this destiny thing doesn’t work out for him, I’ll be waiting with a cup of hot cocoa and a chocolate chip cookie. It’s his favorite. I know. He told me so. It’s the way to a gentleman’s heart, you know.


  1. How cute! You make darling bears.

  2. He is just the cutest little guy ever! Makes me want to HUG someone! Happy Fall!

  3. He is so cute, your bears are awesome.

  4. Thank you ladies! I'll pass along your comments to the little guy.

  5. oh so cute!! is better than George clooney !,i l am fan o George,,but this litle guy is so so cute!. oh the eyes,the face, lovely.

  6. Mom! The owls! Did you do that for me? :)

  7. Ginger he is just the cutest!!! I think you should keep him. :) Great expression~~~

  8. Oh Ginger...He is just so adorable. Love the little owl bag. The fabric is so cool!

    Have a great evening,
    Hugs, Nancy

  9. Ginger, your lovely bear will most certainly give ol' Georgy and Johnie a run for their money! I can see how he stole your heart so!
    Bear Hugs,
    Bramblewood Bears

  10. Oh Ginger he is so cute. I love his outfit. I can see why you are in love.


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