Friday, October 30, 2009

smart bear writes

Hi out there . that lady over in the chair . . . wait a sec - now downstairs - now upstairs

anyway, her. gave me the chance to take over this blog only for today she said beecause she is bizzy

bizzy as a bee. bizzy as a ant. bizzy as a bee. did I say that already?

you see , we all are going for a ride. yippee. I love to ride. I love to go places. And we are going to ride very soon, I think. I havent had a chanse to ask because she is bizzy. bizzy as a bee.

anyways, I ask her if I could help and she said to find sumthin to do and stay out of the way. then I ask her if I could write on her blog and she said, yes yes whatever so long as I stay where she wont step on me.

typing is almost as hard as writing because my paws are almost too big to hit the right keey sometimes. but I think it is fun to tell you what is happening here. last niight my friendz and me got our pictures made. they dont mind the pictures but they dont like to wait their turn. so we play gamz and make funny faces at each other. cracks me up – they are a riot hope I spelled that right.

I am a very smart bear and I have watched what she does. she takes her camera and stretches herself in funny ways and takes pictures. I found her camera and so I took some pictures of my friends. I thought you would like to see them.

I dont no how to type on picktures so I just wrote what they are. those funny guys wouldnt stay still.

here are the picturz.






oh, its time for me to say so long.  i have to go. if i don't go now, i wont get a window seet and i like to count cowz when we ride.  see u later.


  1. This is hilarious.

    As much as I love your posts, Ginger... I think you should let the bears type more often.

    They obviously have some creative inclinations that need outlets :)

  2. My bears are jealous! Thanks a lot. Now they want to compute too! Sharon and her bears

  3. What a little sweetie you are to take all those secret pictures for us to spy on what the lady of the house has been busy doing. Happy Halloween from all of the fuzzy creatures and silly dollies here in the mountains!

  4. oh, i love this secret photos!.


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