Friday, October 23, 2009

Metaphorically Speaking

Imagine this glass ball as a representative of what goes into a teacup.

Imagine this is a teacup into which I put my ideas for the things I would like to create/complete for my upcoming show in – oh – let’s say – a week.

This is what it would look like metaphorically speaking.

Imagine this is a teacup of time that I have left to create all the ideas from the first teacup.

This is what it would look like metaphorically speaking.

Still I would rather it be this way than the other way around.
That would really drive me crazy.


  1. I am right there with you. Time,I wish you could buy it.

  2. LOL!

    I imagine that, with the ideas I see spilling out of you, that second teacup need not be the upcoming show... it can just represent the rest of your life...

    That single bead can stand for another 1,000 years... the ratio would still be the same between teacups :)

    On a non-metaphorical note... are these the glass beads you use to weight your bears?

  3. Sure am glad I am not alone on this one! Heather - that glass bead is too big for my purposes. You can check this website for some glass bead options. There are others, too but this place is very prompt and seems reasonable to me. If anyone has another suggestion, I'd be interested.

  4. Oh yes, I know the feeling... unfortunately...
    What lovely pictures anyway!

  5. That's really a good way to understand it! I love being busy and having lots of projects to work on! I never have enough time...but I'm never bored either!

  6. Such a lovely way to illustrate a frustrating (but welcome) situation. Love the teacup metaphors!

    Congratulations on your blog giveaway. I will keep checking back to see more of your darling bears!

  7. oh the time! is so fast, specially when i look to my daughter, i want to do a lot of thing, but the time fly..


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