Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sometimes I Use a Pencil

and sometimes I use my phone. In the middle of my current box project, I was looking for a photo I had taken with my phone – you know that’s a thing these days – and I realized what an odd collection of pictures it held.

It was like a visual notepad from the last, oh I don’t know, the last couple of years. For example, I took this picture of the Rit dye display so I could remember what colors are available.


When we were in London I snapped this to send to my son who I hoped would get a laugh out of it – he’s a Star Wars fan.


One of my favorites – sunset at the beach and


then one of the Super Moon.


I’d almost forgotten that we were riding the Rockin’ Roller Coaster in May of last year. Has it been that long?


There was shopping for a replacement vehicle for my daughter when her car died.


I have no idea what this was about . . .


We were a captive audience in our favorite coffee shop when there was an amazing hail storm.


I’m not sure why I have this picture of a giant birdcage is on my phone – perhaps because it was a giant birdcage.


Outdoor dining in July – at a really cool pizza place. I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.




My husband and daughter in Asheville over Thanksgiving – what a great night that was!


That same weekend, I had to take this one to show my daughter her drawing on the cover of a book in a bookstore. I knew I’d need proof.


Some cute Christmas cupcakes for some nice people we know who work really hard.


And there were lots of photos of latte art – this was the most recent one.


Now I better get back to work –



  1. What a great picture diary. I love the sunset over the beach.

    1. Hi Kays Kids,

      Thanks - a bit weird in places for sure. And I wish I was at the beach right now. We have freezing temps and rain. Not quite a beach scene -yet. They say if we wait five minutes in NC the weather will change. I imagine that's true. We're expecting spring-like temperatures on Wednesday. Go figure....


  2. We think it's probably a good idea that LT doesn't use that new fangled camera thingy on her phone much or you'd end up inundated with weird stuff, after all, look what happened on the grand road trip with Jack! Mind you, yours doesn't look much better, although those cupcakes look like they might require further investigation...


    The Clan & Jack

    1. Hi The Clan & Jack,

      I'm sure Katy would make a smashing montage of all the things she gets into during the day if she took photos. One day in Katy's camera is probably like one year in someone else's.

      I'm glad I can depend on you guys to zero in on what's important in all the above photos. Cupcakes!

      Thanks for your insights guys!

  3. Espectaculares las fotos de la puesta de sol. Su hija y marido se les ve felices, felicidades a su hija por su lindo dibujo, en la portada del libro:)

    1. Hi Contrastes-Rosa Mª,

      Thanks so much! I like the sunset especially - reminds me of a particularly peaceful place. And it was a very nice time spent with my daughter - such fun! It was neat seeing the book, but I knew I'd need to prove that it was actually in a store...

      Thanks for stopping by!


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