Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gumball Prize

A few years back I had a child of gumball machine age; a time when one or two quarters would enable you to take a chance at a prize. For a couple of coins and a silent wish, a small desire could possibly be satisfied. There was one location we used to walk by that had a gumball machine filled with Winnie the Pooh figurines – small enough to fit in those capsules that would tumble down the chute with a few turns of a knob. My child loved Eeyore above all the rest. While others might be crossing their fingers that Pooh or Tigger would come bouncing out, my daughter wished for Eeyore; Eeyore with the long face and the cloud that constantly hung over his head.

So it was no disappointment when this little guy came out of the flap.

And rather than take him to her room to sit among the other Eeyore incarnations, she allowed us to sit him on the windowsill in our kitchen where he has lived for several years perched on his circus ball for days on end. A little bit sad, a little bit lonely.

Then, not too long ago, my husband was taking an old box out to the trash when he heard something rattling around inside. He reached in and discovered this little fellow.

At last, Eeyore has a curious little friend. Together they reside on the sash continually peering at each other. Eeyore’s not really afraid of that little green turtle now, is he?


  1. Just to make you smile...how perfect! We love little turtles...my hubby has a small collection and Eeyore is his own precious self! Enjoy your day!

  2. Too cute!! I am sure Eeyore loves his new friend!
    How's that chandelier coming along?
    I can't wait to see it!!!
    Margaret B

  3. I too loved Eeyore and still do! There is just something about the little guy. Sharon

  4. Really cute! You are making your kids leave their toys home for you when they go aren't you?! hehe
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. so cute couple,i like turtles.


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