Monday, September 28, 2009

Is it because it’s Monday?

To understand fully my appreciation for this day, I have to tell you what the last few days here have been like weather-wise. Rainy. Yep. One word is sufficient to describe the last several days here. I guess I could add overcast and dreary and I wouldn’t be overstating it but . . .

today I pulled back the curtains and opened the windows to this beautiful sky. It is one of the few we may have that is just an absolutely perfect day (so far):

So I went for a walk around the neighborhood and breathed in the fresh autumn air.

When I returned, I took off my walking shoes and because the windows were open and there was a slight breeze, I put on something to keep my feet warm. I never would have bought these if I didn’t have a really good reason. And my really good reason was a teddy bear show where I was required to wear them.

I had just sat down to work on this teddy bear in progress

when I heard some voices behind me having a rather ardent discussion which went like this:

Little Mack: I told her last time. I’m not telling her this time.
Holcombe: I think Jojo should tell her. It’s his turn.
Jojo: I’m not telling her. I’m going to go hide.
Little Mack: He might be in your hiding place.
Holcombe: Yeah! What if he’s in there?! He might get you!
Jojo: Okay. Okay. I’ll tell her but it’s not because you all scared me. I’m telling her because I think she should know.
Little Mack: Whatever you say, Jojo.
Holcombe (snickering): Of course, Jojo. Now go on and tell her.

Soon, I felt a tapping on my leg and when I looked down, there stood Jojo acting a little bit timid.

Me: Yes, Jojo. What is it?
Jojo: I don’t want you to be upset or anything, but all us guys thought you should know.
Me: You didn’t spill the chocolate syrup again, did you?
Jojo: No, it’s nothing like that!
Me: You didn’t lose the screws that hold the swing set together, did you?
Jojo: No, we counted them. They are all there. Please, ma’am. This is infinitely much more important.
Me: Okay. Tell me.
Jojo: There is a little man living somewhere in the house. We haven’t seen him yet, but we know he’s around somewhere. We have evidence.
Me: A little man?
Jojo: Yes, and he’s doing laundry too.
Me: A little man is living here in our house and doing his laundry?
Jojo: I know it sounds odd. But he’s bigger than us but smaller than you guys.
Me: O-k-a-a-a-y.

It occurs to me that this could be the strangest conversation I have had with the bears, but then I shouldn’t be surprised. Something strange is always going on around here. Still, I knew that if I was to get anything done today, I had to investigate.

Me: So how do you know there is a little man living here doing his laundry?
Jojo: Well, me and the guys – you know Little Mac and Holcombe – were in the laundry room, uh, checking things out when we came across the evidence.
Me: In other words, you were climbing the washing machine while it was spinning so you could get all shook up and you saw ‘the eveidence’?
Jojo: Just come with me and have a look. You’ll see. There is a little man living here, I’m sure of it.

We traipsed downstairs together. I was in front naturally because they were so ‘brave’. I took a look and this is what they saw:

And yes, it does kinda look like a little man is doing his laundry.  The real story isn’t quite so interesting, but I had to play along because I’ve got a mischievous streak in me too.

Me: Oh my! You guys are right. There is a little man living somewhere around here. If he’s doing his laundry, I wonder what he’s wearing now. Why don’t you guys go look for him?

Then there was a bunch of scrambling and all I saw was a blur of fur dashing back up the stairs. A little man’s laundry, indeed!

P.S. There is something really good about hearing someone say, “Really?! I won?! I never win anything.”


  1. Great story Ginger ... love the little suit!

  2. Whoot whoot! You are the best. Love the story and the bears! Sharon

  3. Thanks for taking me down the imaginary lane of inquisitive teddy bears. It brought a smile to my face today. xxoo

  4. i love when your bears talking!. and about the clothe, is cute!, i like the owls!

  5. Reading this late, I had the advantage of *the knowledge*.
    Loved it All! Thanks.


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