Thursday, September 24, 2009

Peeka BOO! says “It’s time to say Goodbye!”

I had no idea that teddy bears were so savvy. When I had my first giveaway, I let the little bunny take over my blog for a moment so she could say goodbye in her own way. Then, of course, Posy thought if it was good enough for the bunny, certainly she was entitled to do the same. Now they don’t bother to ask me if it’s okay if take over, they just ask me when I’ll be done so they can get on. And I’m just a wee bit too tired to argue with fuzzy little faces tonight. Therefore, I’m turning this over to Peeka BOO! now. Good luck to all of those who signed up for the giveaway! Thank you for entering.

Farewell, Adiόs, Au revoir, Vaarwel, Auf Wiedersehen, до свидания, and Goodbye


  1. Кто же победитель? К кому поедет Мишка?

  2. oh, the litle bear is himself so cute, but i love the way that he say farewell.
    lovely work Ginger!

  3. The winner of the giveaway will be announced tomorrow so if you would like to enter, there's still time! I am excited to see who wins!

  4. Your bears are so sweet, such wonderful work.
    I love how you do that, with them waving good bye!
    Margaret B

  5. I love you....Pick me! heehee! And HAVE FUN!

  6. Oh how sweet, that little bear waving is so creative I don't know how you did it but its darling. Good by little bear may you find a wonderful home.

    Blessing to you,

  7. About!! Hour of parting, and for whom that and a joyful meeting already has almost come!!!!!!! How many excitements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A wonderful, fantastic bear!!!

  8. Oh I hope I get this one! I haven't won a giveaway in awhile!
    Hugs, Lisa

  9. *waving back with two open arms*
    Ohhh Peeka Boo, you're so cute!
    *melting while looking a you*

  10. Just wanted to pop in quick to say hello, and thank you for stopping by! I'm very excited to get a chance to look through your blog and see your wonderful bears.. LOVE the ones in the boxes! I just wish you would have found me sooner, so I could have visited sooner and made it in time for you sweet giveaway! Im going to add you to my blogger list so I can be sure to find you again!

  11. Goodbye Peeka Boo.
    Cheryl is very lucky winning you.


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