Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I’m Pretty Sure It’s a Teddy Bear

Every weekend there is a flea market here – for now. I say that because when the State Fair arrives the Flea Market shuts downs temporarily. And it’s almost time for the State Fair so we’ve only one more flea market weekend before they close the doors so to speak. I do miss it when it’s gone especially when we can occasionally luck into an unusual treasure like this.

The gentleman selling this photo album had gotten it from an estate sale earlier. He had loads of interesting stuff and I wondered what he had found that he wasn’t selling. It must have been a great one.

I was turning this album page by page after we had purchased it and found all kinds of extraordinary photos from the 1900’s. Children, women fashionably dressed, a costume party, a day at the beach – it was fascinating.

I wondered if I might be lucky enough to find a photo of a teddy bear among its pages. Do you agree that is young woman is holding a teddy bear?

Here she is again with a couple of other people. I am wondering if they were putting on a play. Look at the woman with the lasso and the woman in the Oriental kimono-style dress.

I also thought you might enjoy this one of a baby and her baby doll. Do you think these folks were wealthy?

Or this portrait of these women dressed for some special occasion. I do wonder what they were thinking and where they were going. Some of these photos were taken in New York from what I can gather.

I especially like this one that shows a group of women going swimming.

I think what intrigues me about these photos is that they show life as it was. Most of the time when I see old photos at the flea market, they are portraits taken in a studio. And while they are somewhat interesting, they seldom tell you much about the life the person lived. In this album, the photos show a house being built, vacations, interiors of a home and a shop, the occasional car, and family pets.

Now this is when my special superpower would be very exciting. Miss that post?  You can check it out here.


  1. Great photos!!

    thanks and great find.
    barbara jean

  2. Most definately a bear! But ofcourse wht else could it be. After my mother died I found her photo albums, much like yours. My mom was a identical twin and they did have wonderful outfits all made by their mother. My mother had me late in life and I miss her. She would have been 106 a few weeks ago. Sometime I shall post some of the pictures. Sharon

  3. Sharon, you should definitely post some of your photos. I bet they are treasures in more ways than one. I'll watch and wait!

  4. Oh my gosh, what a find, I love looking at old photos, wow did you come across a find; and why would someone ever want to give away family portraits. You know growing up my Granny would tell me stories of how poor her mother was when she would tell her stories. So if they were so poor back then, were did the money come from to take all these wonderful old photos, weren't photos expensive back then? It makes me wonder when I see photos like these what these people did for a living to afford a photo to be taken of their family.

    Well wonderful post sweety,
    Blessings to you and yours,

  5. WOW! What a wonderful find that photo album is! I love love vintage photos and you really have some fascinating ones. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Hope we "talk" often.

  6. this album is historic, that photos are part of the history,amazing treasure.

  7. What beautifull photo's and a wonderfull find Ginger .Thanks for sharing the photo's with us each one brought a new smile.Love the girl holding the teddy bear and the little girl and her dolly so sweet.

    Have a good day !!!


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