Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Lurks Inside?

My silver anniversary giveaway will take place very, very soon. Until then, I thought I would fill in a few holes here and there. Remember the post that had no name? Now I am happy that I can tell you what it was supposed to be. I was going to call it “Come into the laboratory!” I thought it was appropriate for visitors to my studio who never know exactly what they will find. My husband loves to tell people, “Yeah, I walk in there sometimes and there’s a head here and an arm there.” But of course, they are teddy heads or teddy arms. Occasionally, there is a kitty, elephant, or bunny head, too.

This project that was begging to be made comes just in time for Halloween. Remember I started with this box.

So, come on in. Come into the laboratory! This is the front. What lurks inside?

It’s the interior of the laboratory of the most legendary mad scientist around. I’m not certain of his name. He wants to remain famously anonymous.

Here we have his pharmacy with all the potions and ingredients he thinks are necessary for a successful enterprise.

Over here we have the sewing department where you can view his experiments, tools . . .

and also his most notable creation – his own lab assistant. I have it on good authority that when the scientist leaves his lab for the night, he takes teddy home with him. After all, everyone needs a good hug now and then – some more than others!

You are the first to know that I will add this piece to the available bears section of my website later this evening. I will have additional photos there for anyone who would like to have their very own mad scientist laboratory with which they can entertain their dearest friends.


  1. Oh wow, I am absolutely in love with this one!

    This is exactly the kind of box I would obsess over! I love your attention to detail, and I LOVE this bear!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. wow! isamazing the amount of detail that has, besides the bear is so cute, is an impressive work.

  3. I'm sitting with my nose touching the monitor.
    Looking intensely at all details.
    Your boxes are so boo-tyfull!

    ...and than, I see a pair of eyes looking back at us...
    No, its not the lovely bear.
    I think it might be the long lost mad beary scientist?
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ LOL ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~>

  4. Oh my gosh are you kidding me, did you seriously get all those mysterious, enchanted items into a tiny box? Is that box really the size of a person? This is amazing that box couldn't be any bigger than my hand and those creations are darling. I love it! You are truly marvelous. You need an award for such a creative teddy bear inventor. :)


  5. The laboratory box is so fanciful, and very imaginative. Love the idea of a little teddy bear hidding inside... cute!

  6. You are the most creative person. Good grief I can't stop looking at this little gem. I should hope he takes that precious bear home at night. Sharon


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