Friday, September 25, 2009

Silver Anniversary Giveaway 3 Winner Announced!

It may be difficult to imagine, but my husband and I get so very nervous when we get to the point of pushing that random number generator button. It’s such a simple act but we were both on pins and needles. Let me tell you, each and every name represented someone to whom I would be delighted to send Peeka Boo!

And since these giveaways really are all about gratitude, I can let this opportunity pass by without again saying Thank you to each of you who have either:
  • adopted my bears
  • been a good friend
  • read my blog
  • encouraged me through the years
  • commented on my posts
  • become a follower or subscriber
  • or any number of other wonderful things that make this world a bit nicer place to be
Having said that –

The winner of the giveaway is number 83 – which means that Peeka BOO! will be going to live with Cheryl in Michigan here in the USA. I hope he won’t play too many tricks on her on Halloween! Congratulations Cheryl! Enjoy your new friend. He’ll be on his way before the sun sets again.

As for those of you who entered and didn’t win, your chances will increase if you enter my next giveaway. Like I said last time, I’m just crazy that way. I appreciated all the kind comments that you sent my way and value each of them. It was so much fun!

Now it’s time for me to go and pack a very tiny suitcase!


  1. Congratulations Cheryl!! I'm so jealous! I'm sure you'll make a wonderful home for Peeka Boo.
    Now Peeka Boo, you be a good little fella while you're traveling. No pulling any disappearing tricks (unless you want to come visit me).
    Hugs, Barb

  2. Congratulations to Cheryl!! oh this cute bear only could do cute tricks!.

  3. @ Cheryl,
    You must be so happy, I can almost see your big smile!

    Bye, bye, Peeka Boo, have a safe journey!

    Thanks Ginger for your generousity, and although I didn't win, I had a great time daydreaming that I could...

  4. Uh oh... this little guy will be living in my state?! I'd better watch out!

    Who knows what he might get up to around Halloween!!

    Congrats, Cheryl!

  5. I know Cheryl will love her new bear!!!!
    Thanks for having a wonderful giveaway!!!
    Margaret B

  6. A big congratulations Cheryl!!!

  7. Congrats to LUCKY! Enjoy and thanks for the fun!

  8. Congrats Cheryl! I know Boo will love MI!
    Hugs, Lisa

  9. Oh congrats Cheryl peek a boo is a adorable.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  10. Congratulation to the winner !!

    And yes,I have patience like to scare the estress. It is in my blood and I have a good pair of eyes, also.

    Adriana (who love your bears)

  11. Oh so cute!
    And I missed out. At least i think i did. =0?

    Who knows with me. =0))
    Thanks for coming by. Seems a lot of people can relate to 'flitting'.
    barbara jean

  12. Hi Ginger, thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit. I love your work, and I love your blog :) Your photo at the top is the cutest thing. I miss making bears so much. I design my own as well, I need to make this a priority again. AND congratulations to your winner Cheryl. What an awesome and generous give away.
    I will be back to visit and see your new creations. Happy creating, gail


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