Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short Short Stories

Where to begin? Here?



No, I’ll get to that momentarily, I think.

It’s best if I proceed chronologically. Something about how my brain is working at the current time.

Making a Pink Point.

Sometime in the past few days, we were here.


One of our favorite laughing places and the lights around the village shops were mostly pink. You couldn’t help but notice them. And I do believe that was the whole point – to make a point, to be aware, to think pink. It was their way of saying, “It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month”.

Pink pumpkins could be seen around too. This one was outside the coffee shop.


Mr. Bike Car Man.

Shortly thereafter, perhaps the next day, I went to visit my dad (Hi Daddy!) and my husband’s mom (Hi 2nd Mom!). After a fun filled day, I started home. In an effort to make traveling smoother, the transportation department tries to avoid working during rush hour. It’s very considerate. Instead, they might work later, much later, in the evening. It’s all good. Who rides around on the interstate at that time of night anyway?


Um, me? Me and Mr. Bike Car Man . . . and a few others. I got to know him quite well, Mr. Bike Car Man. He has furry kids. This I know because I read all his bumper stickers. And he has two bikes, at least. It was a fun relationship while it lasted. After some time, the traffic cleared out and I was just a rear view memory to Mr. Bike Car Man. I guess some relationships aren’t meant to last.

It Makes Sense to Me.

The day after I said so long to Mr. BCM, we were looking forward to the arrival of our daughter and her friend. Of course, I had to spruce up the house. I had the kitchen table covered with projects and it needed to be cleared. What should I do with the boots that were drying? I tried them here.


But I eventually settled on this spot. You see, it’s not only my husband I like to confuse. Doesn’t everyone dry their works-in-progress boots on the back of a chair? It makes sense to me.


The Arrival of a New Friend.

As evening approached, we decided it was a perfect time to light the lanterns. Some people leave bread crumbs for people to find their way home. We light up the porch. That way if anyone says, I couldn’t find your house, we can say, yeah right.


When our daughter and her friend arrived, we had the opportunity to meet Teddy. Teddy is a bear dressed as a bunny. He has been around a lot longer than Sebastian and has been loved and loved. As you can tell from this photo he is missing a bunny ear. Sebastian instantly took a liking to him. I had to tell him that Teddy was only here for a short visit but perhaps he would see him again sometime.



Back to the Beginning.

And now, back to the beginning which is really the end. I am starting to wonder about Sebastian. It wasn’t too long ago that he received a letter. In the mailbox. With a stamp. Addressed to him. He wants to write back and he needs my help. We’re working on it.


In the meantime, he is over the moon. Why? Not only did he get a letter, he also seems to have his own personal portrait artist. I can’t let him know, but secretly I love this drawing. It so captures his . . . essence, his je ne sais quoi, his inner king. No, let me correct that - his outer king.


Now to find a hammer and a nail . . .


  1. Dear Sebastian,
    I'm so pleased you have a visitor called Mr. Ted I think his face is adorable. Take him places Sebastian,so he really get a feel for where you live. May be that is where he started out his life, in your house.
    I know when you are famous you have to return letters to the fans all the time. Keep plenty of ink on hand.

  2. Oh, I had one of those journeys yesterday too! I got all the way from north west Skye to Inverness (90 miles, some on single-track roads) then from Inverness all the way to Stirling (150 miles) and as I whizzed past all the along the motorway signs that told me all about a 5 day closure on the Inverneill to Tarbet road, a good 30 miles from the motorway, starting tonight, it failed to mention that I'd come round a bend at Stirling doing 80 and have to grind to a halt because of roadworks that were happening there and then! Apparently my crystal ball should have revealed this... So 40 minutes later, everyone got over the shock and worked out how to use the contraflow, and half an hour later I encountered a bus versus bin lorry stuck-ness near my gran's. I took big deep breaths...

    Anywho, travel nightmares aside, we love Sebastian's new portrait, although we fear you may not be able to get his head through the door soon!

  3. Love the portrait of Sebastian, he's quite handsome with or without the crown.

  4. I went to get my annual mammogram on Monday. I knew it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month but still when I saw the Pink bows on the posts outside The Women's Pavilion, I was thinking someone who worked there had a baby girl...duh!
    I'm glad you liked the visitor, Sebastian.....Slugger is still in the studio, the other Bears haven't warmed up to him yet....we're going on a short vacation soon and if they don't hurry up, he may have to go with me.
    Love the drawing and the fan mail.
    Mama Bear

  5. cute bear dreesed like a bunny, and Sebastian protrait is great!.

  6. I'm shocked Sebastian hasn't gotten fan mail before this!! I would think little bears everywhere would be writing him, asking him how he manages to get taken so many wonderful places.
    I know Dot has tried to mail HIMSELF to Sebastian several times.... because Dot feels I'm dropping the ball on adventures, and life with Sebastian and Ginger would be much more appealing.

    Will we be seeing what those boots are for? :)

    And I still think your porch lanterns are SO cool.


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