Monday, October 24, 2011

Bills and Webbed Feet

Since I made the rule, I guess I better live by it, huh? Doing so is going to make for some very, um, very split personality type posts. Here we are on Day 8 of the 10 Days of Orange Crazy Countdown to Halloween.

As I mentioned previously, we were at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and saw many of our favorite characters dressed up for the occasion. Sebastian wanted to get in on the fun so he also dressed up as a fried egg. (Don’t ask!)

We took him along and he was thrilled to meet Donald and Daisy, or should I say, Daisy and Donald? Ladies first as the saying goes.


These two ducks must have the patience of saints to put up with crazy people like us. But they did so with such flare and finesse. I can guarantee that we did not see their eyeballs roll back once!


Now in my opinion, Daisy’s and Donald’s bills are kind of orange, as well as Donald’s webbed feet, but alas, I wasn’t completely sure you’d agree with me so I’m playing it safe by including a few more photos of the pumpkin at the beach. After all, it was such a fleeting thing and all we have are our memories at this point. Memories and sand – in my shoes and in my car, but you know how that goes; just bringing home the beach a little at a time.





  1. I certainly think you did the orange with Daisy and Donald. You did well with the theme.
    The pumpkin on the beach is so special. Love, love, love it.

  2. my mother always complained, we came home with sand up in the head (we were children), and it was true. poor mother, poor washing machine.

  3. Oh, we think Daisy and Donald count. We want to know more about the fried egg thing though, especially now you've said not to ask, that just makes us more nosey...


    Jack & The Clan

  4. daisy and donald do count. i loved seeing sebastian in his egg costume again though. i also liked these pictures of the pumpkin. maybe i just wasn't looking close enough yesterday, but i couldn't understand the marbles. in these pictures i see they are in the holes. does your creativity have no end? you amaze me.


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