Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bear at the Beach

Sebastian has become quite good at being a stowaway. I’ve even thought of renaming him – Sebastian the Stowaway. Then again, I have to give him some credit for not only managing to come along undetected on our anniversary trip, but also for remembering to bring a beach chair and a sun hat.


I won’t tell him that it’s a sun bonnet if you won’t.


When we had ourselves fully situated on the beach, lo and behold, Sebastian came traipsing over the sand dune dragging his metal chair behind him. We really couldn’t send him back at that point now, could we? So he made himself quite at home.


As soon as he realized that he was going to be able to hang out with us, he did what any beach bum bear would do. He stretched himself on the arm of my chair to get a little sun.


Seeing him laying there like that, you know what was on my mind, don’t you? How in the world did he get his chair in the car, out of the car and down to the beach? Looks like he’s not telling.



  1. OMG, Sebastian is hilarious! And very clever to come along to the beach undetected, chair and all. Looks like he's having loads of fun and getting the hang of being a stowaway bear.

  2. so cute!!!!! i cant stop love your bears

  3. Hello Sebastian the Stowaway,

    Prudence & Sissy are at Camp Good Bear so I thought I would write.

    What a lovely day for the beach. Now don't forget to use plenty of sun block. You don't want to get bearburn.

    Hugs, little one.

    Tell Ginger I send hugs & have a Happy Memorial Weekend.

  4. ROFL, WTG Sebastian! We're all jealous though, no sun or beach here - boooo!


    The Clan & Jack

  5. Happy Anniversary you two!
    I hope that me and Lex are as happy as you are in 30 years.
    Much Love
    Elanor xx

  6. Enjoy the R&R, Sebastian! What a clever little bear you are!!

  7. Oh what the rest of the world must think of you being followed by a little teddy bear. These pictures are priceless, Sebastian is a gem.

  8. Silly me--I guess my brain wasn't fully working earlier.

    Have a lovely, lovely anniversary, Ginger and Jay!!!

    Heaps of Hugs,

  9. Wow, Sebastian deserves some relaxation after lugging all that stuff down to the beach - he gets top marks for determination!

    Nicki, xx

  10. Sebastian es un "polizon" muy listo jejejeje
    Una vez que ha visto que ya no lo podias devolver a casa a decidido relajarse y tomar el sol jejejeje.
    besitos ascension

  11. @ Val - Sebastian told me to tell you he is very flattered that you called him clever. Now he thinks his name should be Sebastian the Clever.

    @ MamaOnoaka - You are very sweet!

    @ The Bear's Blog - Sebastian said to tell you thanks for the advice! Bear burn is no fun!

    @ Katy - Sebastian says to tell you there is no need to be jealous. He says to write him privately sometime & he will tell you how to stowaway on the next beach trip.

    @ Elanor - Thank you. How sweet! I trust you will be!

    @ Kays Kids - Sebastian says he's doing his best! Thanks!

    @ Cheryl - from Sebastian: You called me clever too! I think I love you! From me: Thank you for the anniversary wishes. You are kind!

    @ Joanne - We do wonder sometimes ourselves! Sebastian is beaming with all these compliments! I am pretty sure they will serve to encourage him even more.

    @ Nicki - Sebastian says thank you! Perhaps we should add to his name - Sebastian the Determined (and Clever) Stowaway Bear.

  12. Sebastian the Stowaway has grabbed my heart! I am so glad he was sneaky enough to find his way on your Anniversary trip. Oh Happy days!

  13. Oh Sebastian I wish I was there with you!!! Fun, fun, fun...
    Big Hugs,


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