Saturday, May 14, 2011

The First Philly Show: A Report

My little bear friend reporter is nowhere to be found. That means it’s going to be up to me to give you our Philly show synopsis. I am going to keep it brief because I think you might rather see photos than hear me blather on about it all. And while it has been a great time, it has also been a very long day. Comments will follow each photo.

tfps_1A snapshot of the large room.  It was truly a beautiful looking show.  So much incredible work in the show and in this room.

tfps_2Above and below – the exceptional work of Alison McKee.

tfps_3   The following is a photo of my very dear neighbor’s table.tfps_4 The lovely and talented Karen O’Brien.  Loved loved loved seeing her again after so many moons without it.

IMG_0112This is the table of my other neighbor – Susan McKay whose creations have some of the sweetest faces.  Don’t know whose idea it was to place us next to each other because our husbands can get into way too much trouble together.

tfps_6And another neighbor very close by – Janet Wilson displaying her intricate and beautifully made miniatures.  This photo doesn’t do them justice so you should just plan on seeing them in person sometime.

tfps_5Joanne Livingston’s table.  What a thrill to meet her in person finally and see her bears in the fur.  Did I not say it was a beautiful show?

IMG_0113Bev White’s eye-catching Fab Four set.

tfps_8The dolls were quite incredible.  Here’s an example.


Above and below the ever whimsical work of my friend Jody Battaglia.  Jody was at Hugglets too.  I’ve been lucky to see her twice this year!

tfps_9a  tfps_11The work of Wanda Carson – what a face!


Above and below – Donna Griffin’s table full of the sweetest little bear (and bunny) faces.  A small handful of happiness.



The fun and capricious work of Art Rogers.  Instantly recognizable.

tfps_15tfps_17This was the first time I had seen the work of Reina Mia Brill.  It was very colorful and enthusiastically received.  I could not walk by this table full of characters without stopping and grinning at their silly expressions.

tfps_16 One last fanciful photo from my camera – sorry, I don’t remember who created this piece.

It was a fun show to attend.  The demos were really helpful and of course, it wouldn’t be anything without the artists and collectors.  I enjoyed seeing many I had not seen in ages and ages.  Adoptions from my table were on the slow side which I heard echoed throughout the day from others there.

Sebastian has just whispered in my ear that he thinks he knows why.  He thinks it was because there were too many pretty things to choose from and it was hard to decide.  I don’t know about his theory, but it’s as good as any as far as I’m concerned.

I hope you enjoyed this peek at the show.  This is only a small sample of what was on display.  There are other photos being posted here, there and yonder on the Internet from other artists I am sure.  Now, I’m off to turn a page in my book before my head hits the pillow.


  1. The show looks wonderful Ginger. I hope you had a great time and lots of sales. Wonderful to see all those great artists tables too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    xo Tina

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos Miss Ginger, we're so glad your roving reporter made it back by the end of the post, we can only imagine what kind of mischief he was getting up to!

    Wish we were there!

    The Thistle Patch Clan and Jack

  3. Hi Sebastian,

    No wonder Miss Ginger couldn't find you, all those wonderful new friends to play with and share stories. Bet you were beary tired that night.

    Hi Miss Ginger. Love ya. (o: Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures of the show.


  4. A wonderful report on the Pilly show! Wow so many bears!

    Thanks for sharing this, Ginger =)

  5. Oh I do so wish I could have experienced this with you, looks like you had a wonderful time, can't wait to hear more about it!!! xxx

  6. Looks like it was a great show! Thanks for posting the pics. x

  7. Thanks for posting about this Ginger. I have lots of pictures and no names. It's going to take me forever to try to figure it all out. It was very nice to finally meet you. Your bears and displays are even more beautiful in person. I am sorry I missed Sebastian.

  8. @ Tina - I am glad you enjoyed the photos. It was a very nicely organized show. Lots of pretty things!

    @ Katy - It's awfully difficult to keep up with Sebastian! We would have loved having you there with us.

    @ Prudence - Sebastian sets the bar very high for the rest of us. We do what we can to keep up! Glad you liked the pix!

    @ Wayne - I look forward to meeting you at a show sooner or later!

    @ Elanor - If you had been able to come, it would have been even better! I know you would have enjoyed it!

    @ Lynda - You are very welcome!

    @ Joanne - Yes, I am a little miffed that he was out and about with little time for the rest of us. It was a very busy convention and when it wasn't, I was looking longingly at the pillows. I hope you enjoyed your trip. There were so many people I wanted to spend time with. Just not enough hours in the day it seems. It was great meeting you though!

  9. Thanks for sharing your photos, enjoyed them very much ! :O)

  10. Thanks for sharing your photos from the convention, but why no photos of YOUR table ?

  11. @ Mima's Bears - You are welcome and thank you for stopping by to check them out!

    @ Wilma - You caught that, did you? Seems like I am always posting photos of my table on my return from shows. I thought that this time I would share something different. I do have a photo of it, of course - I think - just one!

  12. Thanks for the photos. Looks like a great show. I do miss the shows, maybe I will get back into it. I do miss the artists and collectors.

  13. Hi Ginger
    Thanks for sharing your experience at the Philly show. Wonderful pics and a great selection of bears and other creatures. Miss doing shows in the States!


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