Monday, May 30, 2011

A Few More Memories

I suppose you might get an idea or two from these last few posts that we kinda, sorta, really love this bit of beach. While we seldom have it all to ourselves, there are times when you can feel as if you almost do.


When the tide is out, the beach is wide and welcoming.


And the water, while a little cool in the Spring, is wonderful once you get used to it. I would stay in all day if I could avoid looking like a prune.


Come on in. The water is fine.


Sebastian wanted me to make certain that you knew it was him in that first photo. Here he is in the last photo, too. I think he’s been converted. Now he’s a certified beach bum bear. I don’t expect we’ll be able to return to the beach without him again.


Now it’s back to teddy bears for me. I have a clean desk and the week ahead.  Guess I better get started!


  1. He looks like a beach-oligist to me.
    How I would love to walk that beach?

  2. Love the sea...i am sailor daughter!! :lol:. Sebastian look son cute.

  3. Hi Sebastian,

    You look a wee bit sad having to leave for home. But home is always so nice to return to, there's no place like home.

    Have a good week, little bear, and just think - you can plan and day dream about the next trip to the sea & sand. You now know how to make sure you are not left behind. And I truly believe your family would not leave you out of their plans ever again.


  4. Looks like a fab weekend, and no, you certainly shouldn't be leaving Sebastian behind again, the very idea!

  5. Beautiful place,love the pictures,


  6. Thanks all of you. Glad you enjoyed the photos. We had a great time and were lucky to have such beautiful weather. Sebastian thanks you too. He says not to worry if we forget to pack him - he has his ways of getting where he needs to go. It's much better being an invited passenger though than a stowaway.


  7. Какая красота,потрясающие фото.


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